Library Board

A strong library system is the cornerstone of a strong community. It contributes to education, literacy and life-long learning in Ontario communities. Municipal by-laws create Ontario’s public libraries and public library Boards govern them.

Municipalities and Libraries are a Shared Responsibility

Ontario library legislation makes library Boards corporations and gives them the authority to govern the library. In the majority of cases, municipal council provides most of the funding to operate the library and the Municipal Council establishes a Board of Directors to govern the library.

The Board and the CEO – Shared Leadership

  • The Board directs the work of the CEO through: decisions made at Board meetings, policies, official plans, and the budget.
  • The CEO manages the day-to-day operations of the library and serves as a professional advisor to the Board

Current Carlow/Mayo Library Board Members are as follows:

  • Marian Peirce – Chair
  • Pam Stewart (Council Member – Ward One – Carlow)
  • Eldon Stewart (Council Member – Ward Two – Mayo)
  • Celene McClintock – Vice-Chair
  • Deidre Rowe Brown
  • Jack White